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Wikitude World Browser v7.0

Wikitude World Browser for Android

Wikitude World Browser is the very first Augmented Reality Browser for mobile phones. An Augmented Reality Browser scans your surrounding for (e.g.) geo-referenced content using the camera and the device’s sensors. The objects’ information is displayed in the cam right where the real object is located.

There are billions of places to discover in Wikitude whereat you are most likely interested the ones nearby. The World Browser collects the closest places of all local content providers, so you immediately know what’s happening around you. Each place (or POI, Point Of Interest) belongs to provider, a so called “Worlds”. Local Worlds are listed on strt-up, each one providing information of places around you. E.g. check “Wikipedia” to see all Wikipedia information around you. You can then watch it in a List, on a Map or in the Cam (AR-View). This way you always know what’s around you, no matter where you are.

One may want to find places relevant to a specific search-term – Wikitude also provides a powerful Location Aware Search, which scans all local Worlds for the specific term (e.g. enter “Pizza” to get everything related to Pizza around you).

If you want to upload your Content (and be listed as a “World”) feel free to contact us or have a look at to you find more details on publishing places via file-upload or web-service.

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License: Freeware

By: Mobilizy


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Updated on: 9:10 PM Friday, May 04, 2012

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