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TigerText v1.3

TigerText for BlackBerry

TigerText puts the control back in texting. You can text free with anyone’s smartphone and know when your message has been delivered, read, and oh-by-the-way, control when it gets deleted from their phone and yours.

When you and your friends have the app, you can recall messages, set them to self-destruct and group message like you’ve never before. Get the app. Recall that message before it's read.

Go ahead, text that credit number:- Share anything you never would have sent through text before. You control the lifespan of your TigerTexts so you finally get to say what you want.

Create private groups:- It’s not for everyone. And that’s a good thing. Create private groups with friends, family and co-workers simply, easily and that actually have a purpose.

Made a mistake? Reclla that text! Need to unsend that text because you didn’t mean what you said? Accidentally sent text to the wrong person? Just recall it with TigerText.

Texting done fast, easy and oh, btw, free:- Text with your buds on any smartphone at insanely fast speeds. Say good bye to texting charges. All your texting on TigerText is free!

Group Texting* done right:- Set up killer group texts that live forever or just for that night.

Self-destructing Texts:- Set the lifespan of your texts so that they delete on your phone, their phone and everywhere in between.

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License: Freeware

By: TigerText, Inc.



Updated on: 4:59 PM Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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