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Livecontacts v2.0.1

Livecontacts for BlackBerry

Livecontacts Tracks and traces mobile phones and gps devices. It's a free GPS tracking on your mobile.

Meet new friends that are near you. Plot the routes that you travel. Share your location with trusted contacts. Stay in touch with people you care about.

Now, use your mobile phone to know in an instant where your buddies are and let them see where you are. Once you register, you can create a list and control when you want to be found.

After registration go to our online member area where you can add or delete contacts at anytime. See the location of your buddies and even view location history.

It lets you stay in close contact with people you care about. Automatically publish your location on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Orkut and many more.

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License: Freeware

By: Livecontacts


Updated on: 12:02 PM Sunday, July 17, 2011

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