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Google Voice v1.2

Google Voice for iPhone

Google Voice allows you to make calls from your Google Voice number, read voicemail like email, and more. Listen to voicemail, send free SMS, call internationally at low rates.

One number:- Make calls and send text messages from your Google Voice number.

Cheap international calls:- Make low-priced international calls directly from your phone.

Voicemail transcription:- Voicemails are automatically transcribed to text so you can read them like email.

Integration:- Google Voice integrates with your phone's native address book or Google Contacts.

Free text messages:- Send and receive text messages through the Google Voice app for free.

Custom greetings: - Set up different greetings for different callers.

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License: Freeware

By: Google

URL: www.Google.com

Updated on: 6:49 AM Friday, December 02, 2011

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