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Youlu Address Book v1.3

Youlu Address Book for iPhone

Youlu Address Book is a smarter smart phone address book with more powerful contacts, call and messaging capabilities, an amazing dialpad. And multi-accounts now supported.

Features:- • Search contacts quickly and easily: by name, initials, phone number, etc. (now T9 enabled). • Group contacts smoothly and customize as you wish (now with support for dragging between groups). • Send text messages to multiple contacts with the greatest of ease. • Sync your contacts online safely at lightning quick speed.

Powerful multi-functional and easy-to-use Groups:- Simply click once to view all groups at a glance. Easily delete or move contacts by select and dragging. To add contacts to a group, simply select a contact by clicking a checkmark next to their contact. After all contacts have been selected, you can simply drag and drop those selected contacts into the desired group where you can then send group text messages or emails.

Youlu Messenger – Functional and easy-to-use instant messaging platform:- Registered Youlu users can send instant messages via Youlu Messenger to other Youlu users, send photos and voice messages, and do group chat.
     Right from your contact list you can see which of your contacts are online and directly ping them to chat. To best use this feature we recommend to suggest to your preferred contacts to install Youlu on their phones as well.
     Please Note:- In order to use Youlu Messenger with another contact, that contact must have an active cell phone number in their profile since a text message will be sent if that contact is offfline.

More easily communicate with frequently contacted connections:- Associate pictures with your favorite family members and close contacts. Drag and drop to easily add or remove favorites.

A Smarter dialer for your smart phone:- Simply start typing on your keypad to see contacts by name or number with most regularly contacted people showing up first.

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License: Freeware

By: Youlu

URL: www.Youlu.com

Updated on: 11:53 AM Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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