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theChanner is a Mobile TV tuner where you influence the TV for the future. A social TV platform to enjoy and participate watching the Internet television on the phone. Watch live Internet television on your phone and share your opinion about what matters to you!

Find it:- In theChanner, you will find a streaming TV channel that will interest you. Make a search, pick a tag or check out what is hot in our TopTV list, which is continually updated by viewers’ habits. Add channels you like to your Favorites and access them from wherever you are in theChanner. From theChanner, you can also go to the channel’s website or to their Facebook to find out more.

TV goes social:- Watch TV and also take part in it! Take action and propose better descriptions for the channels you follow. You will help others with similar tastes to find them. Post a comment and expand the discussion to your social networks. Your comments will bring awareness for the channel and help other viewers discover it. theChanner is about TV and about the TV Community.

TV Channels:- Television channels on the Internet are a whole world to be discovered. You will recognize some of them but others will be new to the arena. Please let broadcasters know when they bring programming you want to watch. theChanner is about you building the TV of the future and influencing more channels to come into being.

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License: Freeware

By: theChanner

URL: www.theChanner.com

Updated on: 5:04 PM Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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