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Fuze Messenger v3.5

Fuze Messenger for iPhone

FuzeMessenger keeps all your IM accounts in one place, everywhere you go. Fuze Messenger integrates them through a single interface. So many IM accounts, so little interface. Access your business and personal IM through one handy, device-optimized web messenger application.

Business-grade security:- keep chats safe with SSL encryption and secure your password with RSA asymmetric encryption.

Sustained IM sign-in:- built-in background IM keeps you signed in and queues up messages even when WebMessenger is closed.

Public IM Import Wizard:- Populating your contact list in the WebMessenger is quick and easy.

Contact search:- access the right contact in just a couple clicks, without scrolling.

Automatic reconnection:- we’ll bring you back online if your data connection drops.

Hyperlink support:- access web pages without exiting the web messenger app.

International and Non-English character support:- chatting with your international friends? Our web messenger app supports that.

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License: Freeware

By: CallWave, Inc.

URLs: www.FuzeBox.com | www.CallWave.com

Updated on: 8:05 PM Thursday, December 01, 2011

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