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Grooveshark for iPhone

Grooveshark - Music with you everywhere. Take Grooveshark Mobile with you, and your phone's plugged in to the world's largest music library. And don't forget the headphones.

Play it All Night Long:- Search for any song or artist, and pick to play just the tunes you want. It's Grooveshark's 5-million-strong library of songs (and counting). Right in your pocket.

Discover Passion:- Grooveshark Mobile also rocks like radio: pick some songs you love, and we'll make you a station that plays only tunes you'll dig. Save the songs you really love, and come back to hear 'em again. It's the best of both worlds.

Save and Sync:- Create playlists and get them everywhere. Access your favorite Grooveshark playlists on the go, or make one while you wait in line. It'll sync up to your phone and your computer - anywhere you take Grooveshark.

Play Any Song Instantly:- Find bands you already love and listen instantly—from individual songs to entire albums. Keep your friends close, and your favorite music closer.

Save & Make Playlists:- Create playlists on-the-go and access them anywhere later. On your phone, computer, or friends' place, your Grooveshark music is synced across the board.

Radio:- Can't think of what to play next? Grooveshark makes radio stations based on tunes you already love. On the road, at the gym, in your ears.

Listen Offline:- Pick your favorite songs and store them on your phone to listen to even when your coverage drops. Grooveshark is your on-demand listening cure. Anywhere.

Worldwide:- With Grooveshark on your phone, you've got the world's music library everywhere your phone can go.

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License: Freeware

By: Escape Media Group

URLs: www.Grooveshark.com | www.EscapeMG.com

Updated on: 11:28 AM Sunday, September 15, 2013

iPhone logoGrooveshark Is Not Supported On The iPhone: Right now there is not a Grooveshark application for iPhones through Apple's iPhone App Store. Unfortunately at this time, Apple is unwilling to work with Grooveshark to approve our application. This means that iPhones are unable to download Grooveshark for iPhone unless they are jailbroken. We are sincerely sorry to be unable to offer Grooveshark to all iPhones, as we've done everything in our power to have it included in Apple's App Store. If your iPhone is jailbroken, you are able to download the Grooveshark app. Read our blog post to find out more.
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