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MeCanto v1.0

MeCanto for iPhone

MeCanto allows you to connect to your music repository, manage and listen to your entire music collection without ever needing to connect your phone to your PC.

Features:- • Listen to your music collection on the web and your mobile phone. • Never sync or transfer your music files again. • Simply install MeCanto and your entire collection will be online instantly.

Music selection and management:- Manage entire music collection through search tools and pre-defined Albums, Artist, Genre, Folders, and Playlists tabs.

Music player:- MeCanto mobile player is a comprehensive music player that allows creating and playing audio and video music playlists, and creating and listening to predefined or locally defined playlists.

Playlist management:- Manage playlists containing both audio and YouTube video music tracks.

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License: Freeware

By: MeCanto Ltd.

URL: www.MeCanto.com

Updated on: 3:14 PM Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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