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Romplr v2.0

Romplr for iPhone

Romplr is a game that's all about mixing music on the fly. Select a song from the latest pop, dance & hip hop, then remix it to the best of your ability. Each mixkit comes with 8 loops and 7 FX for you to customize your performance. Mixes can also be saved, shared or even broadcast to others within the app.

What is a mixkit? A mixkit is a grouping of 8 loops and 7 FX which allows you to create your own version of a song.

What is the difference between loops and FX? Loops are audio samples which play continuously while you are making your mix. Activating loops cues them to play on time to the next beat. FX are single-instance sounds which play immediately.

Can I record my mixes? Yes - when playing the game, your mixes are automatically saved to your 'My Mixes' page. In Freestyle mode, you can practice with no time limitations and begin recording when ready.

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License: Freeware

By: Skyrockit

Email: CustomerCare@Romplr.com

URLs: www.Romplr.com | www.Skyrockit.com | www.Moderati.com

Updated on: 3:07 PM Tuesday, May 08, 2012

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