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face2face v1.5.3

face2face for iPhone

face2face enables you to consolidate your existing social networks - Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter - and enables all of them so you know when friends are nearby. You can connect to them via instant messages and arrange to meet face-to-face.

You can also view and comment on aggregated newsfeeds and can update your status across networks. And all this without ever compromising your privacy or security. Experience the fun of meeting someone - and the fun of not meeting somebody else.

Find Your Friend:- Let your friends know you're nearby without ever having to reveal your exact location.

Protect Your Privacy:- When your friends see you, you also always see them - so no stalking!

Meet New People:- Also connect with friends of friends - all based on who's nearby at that moment!

Combine Networks and Chats:- No new login: sign in through Facebook, LinkedIn, or MySpace. Combine them and link Twitter to have all your friends in one place; chat free across smartphones on any network.

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License: Freeware

By: Proximate Global Inc.

URLs: www.Face2Face.ws | www.Proximate-Global.com

Updated on: 12:36 PM Saturday, May 05, 2012

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