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Loopt v5.3

Loopt for iPhone

Loopt is a location-based social app to connect with friends while out and about. Find the people and places that matter to you. You can instantly see what’s going on around you, right now, and connect with friends face-to-face. It constantly update with friends’ locations, comments and “Pings.”

Loopt Qs:- The super social way to get bite-sized tidbits and share your own opinions about the places around you.

See who's around:- Share details about what you’re doing on Facebook and Twitter. Get real-time alerts when friends are nearby.

Ping your friend:- Instead of going through the hassle of sending mass “Where are you?” text message, have friends connect with you on Loopt and “Ping” them when you want to meet up. When they respond (with a “Pong”), your map will light up with friends’ locations and updates. In less than a minute, you find out where your friends are, and you can arrange to get together.

Social map:- See where your friends are right now on a map; discover places your friends like to visit.

Updates and photos:– Quickly share your updates with friends, and optionally include photos with your updates. Also, check out friends’ photos and places they’ve been, and view their updates as they move around town.

Privacy controls:– Only share your location with the people you want, when you want. Privacy is a fundamental design and functional priority for Loopt.

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License: Freeware

By: Loopt, Inc.

URL: www.Loopt.com

Updated on: 4:30 PM Saturday, May 05, 2012

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