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Mobiquus v2.1

Mobiquus for Java

Mobiquus is a push-mail application for your mobile phone. It works with any mobile phone and it has some features that make it unique.

How does it work? 1. A new email arrives in your email account. 2. Mobiquus retrieves the email from your email provider. 3. Mobiquus adapts the email contents to be optimally displayed on your mobile phone screen. 4. The email is sent to your mobile phone ready to be read.

Unique Features:- • Receive and send emails. • Get notifications when new mail arrives. • Write more easily and quickly thanks to the Autocomplete function. • Cut & Paste text. • Undo. Search text. • View your attachments: images, videos, Word, Powerpoint, PDF, ZIP and RAR files. Take and send photos.

Check:- • Browse and check your emails. • Create, answer and forward your emails. • Don’t miss a single email. All emails are sent to your mobile phone almost instantly.

Compose:- • Write your emails and manage your attachments. • Autocomplete function included. • Add addresses from your contact list. • Copy and Paste functions.

View:- • View attachments. Images, office documents, pdf files, videos. • Browse the attachments, zoom them, rotate images. • Take photos and attach them to your emails.

Folders:- • Find all mails sent to you in the inbox folder. • View, edit and send drafts or discard them. • View mails that are waiting to be sent and mails that have been sent from your mobile.

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License: Freeware

By: Brane Labs



Updated on: 7:13 AM Saturday, December 03, 2011

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