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Velox v2.2.0

Velox for Java

Velox turns your phone into a bike computer using either an internal GPS or a bluetooth GPS receiver, depending on your phone model.

Velox enables you to record GPS tracks and upload them to the web. You can use this service to keep track of your tours, to exchange tracks with other users and to get your personal statistics (e.g. travelled distance, average speed).

Features:- • Display speed. • Display total time. • Display travel time. • Display daily distance. • Display total distance. • Display gps information (number of satellites, height, heading). • Display average speed. • Record and analyze gps tracks.

Note:- Android native version also available.

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License: Freeware

By: Marco Pfattner

URLs: |

Updated on: 7:19 PM Monday, July 04, 2011

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Download for phones with internal GPS:    Download

Download for phones with Bluetooth GPS: Download
Over-The-Air (OTA)
Direct download to your phone:

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