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WizCalc Mobile

WizCalc Mobile for Java

WizCalc Mobile - Delay speed conversion and beat counter for the mobile phone. WizCalc mobile is the solution for on the go - without a computer!



QuickStopwatch for Java

QuickStopwatch is very fast and easy to use stopwatch for mobile phones. It provides the basic functionality one may expect from a stopwatch.



MTextReader for Java

MTextReader is a convenient text file (.txt) reader for mobile phones. It's a e-book reader that allows mobile phones with no ebook feature to read text files stored in phone memory. It has features such as colorful theme, multi-encoding and multi-language support, auto-save history and bookmarks, pixel-level auto-scroll and so on.


Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculator for Java

Scientific calculator enables to you calculate the value of complex expressions directly using your mobile phone. It comes with all the functions you could possibly want from a mobile calculator application - trigonometric functions, degrees/radians, exponential, logarithm etc.


DocX Reader

DocX Reader for Java

DocX Reader is the ultimate Microsoft Word viewer for mobile phones. With DocX Reader, you can read Microsoft Word documents on almost every mobile phone. DocX Reader supports both Word 2007 and Word 2010 documents.