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MTextReader v2.2

MTextReader for Java

MTextReader is a convenient text file (.txt) reader for mobile phones. It's a e-book reader that allows mobile phones with no ebook feature to read text files stored in phone memory. It has features such as colorful theme, multi-encoding and multi-language support, auto-save history and bookmarks, pixel-level auto-scroll and so on.

Features:- 1. An easy-to-use text file browser. 2. Bookshelf, a function similar to bookmark, allows you store your current progress and/or continue reading from previous stored progress. 3. Several built-in color schemes. 4. You can choose font sizes, encodings and languages*. 5. Backlight can be set to ON or auto**. 6. Real time clock, you can know the time when you are reading. 7. "Jump to" lets you directly go to a specified part of a text. 8. Pixel-level autoscroll, speed can be adjusted.

* not all encodings are supported by all phones, using an unsupported encoding may cause errors; currently two languages are supported: English and Chinese

** backlight function may not work on certain kinds of devices

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License: Freeware

By: Hao Zhe XU


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Updated on: 1:30 PM Wednesday, July 06, 2011

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