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Mobile Number Locator

Mobile Number Locator for Java

Mobile Number Locator can locate any Mobile Number or any STD Code within India from your mobile phone itself without any GPRS Connection.



Snaptu for Java

Snaptu is a mobile service that offers you a selection of fun and useful applications. A fast and easy way to access the Internet on your phone.

Applications like Cricinfo, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Reuters, Twitter etc. are included in one application.


Tristit Browser

Tristit Browser for Java

Tristit Browser is your one-stop shop for all your mobile needs. It is a disruptive innovative mobile browser that offers a huge selection of mobile content and services globally.

You can use applications, download content, interact with other users on other social networks such as Facebook, Flickr and Twitter and use all possible media and applications including music, voice, video and text.


ShaPlus Mobile Info

ShaPlus Mobile Info for Java

ShaPlus Mobile Info is to find the Region/state and cellular Operator of any given Mobile number(Indian numbers only).

Mobile number can be either entered (atleast first 4 digits) or can be selected from the mobile's contacts list.



XploreME! for Java

XploreME! is a PowerTool for your mobile phone. XploreME! contain tools like file browser and manager, picture viewer, advanced media player (video/audio), text reader, audio recorder, stopper, alarm/sleep clock, RSS reader, score table manager, virtual dices.