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SMS Forwarder v2.71

SMS Forwarder for Symbian

SMS Forwarder reads every incoming message, clones the message and then forwards the clone message to other phones. SMS Forwarder can put the information of original sms sender to forward sms text content.

Features:- • Forward incoming sms to other phone numbers. • Support white/black lists. • Support prohibited/restrictive word inspect. • Support auto start. • Information of original sender (name and phone number) is also forwarded. • Support restricted access.

For example, Bob has two phones (A and B). He runs SMS Forwarder on phone A and set the application to forward incoming sms to phone B. Bob is outdoor with phone B. His friend, Alice, sends a sms "Hello!" to his phone A. SMS Forwarder Pro on phone A receives the sms and automatically sends out a sms "From 10000 Alice: Hello!" to phone B. (10000 is Alice's phone number.) Bob will never miss any sms.

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License: StandardPro v2.50

By: Wisware Software Technologies Studio


URLs: |

Updated on: 12:59 PM Sunday, July 17, 2011

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