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SMS Preview v1.11

SMS Preview for Symbian

SMS Preview can instantly preview incoming SMS messages to see what is sent and who has sent it when the message arrives without a single click!

Say "Hallo" to the world, with a convenient and useful way to find any contact's name, number, or address! Save time and never be left missing information as you can smartly carry millions of people, friends, or business contacts anywhere you go.

Features:- • See message previews for 5-60 seconds on the screen until it disappears or until you double click, the choice is yours. • See name of unknown numbers in SMS Previews with reverse lookup by upgrading if you want. • With message handling features like reply, delete, mark as read, open, and dismiss right from the message preview, you have complete control over how you want to start talking. • No more worrying about those nagging “New Message” notifications and wondering what it is about, now you can look quickly and decide what to do. • Respond right away how you want with advance message handling functionality. Reply right away, marked as read, or delete, total control of your preview.

Enjoy SMS Preview Lite Free:- Same great application as Pro with less message functionality, no reply, no marked as read, or delete from message preview. Activation SMS required for updates and support. Ad supported in some countries.

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License: LitePro

By: Numo Solutions

Email: Free Users: | Pro Users:

URLs: | |

Updated on: 12:52 PM Sunday, July 17, 2011

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