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foursquare for SymbianDetails


Flowd for SymbianDetails


SMSLive for Symbian

SMSLive is an upgrade to your boring old SMS which gives you SMS and much much more. You can now update your status or send messages to friends on Facebook/Twitter through the SMSLive messaging screen. Connect with Friends anytime, anywhere with no addition charge!! Enjoy Facebook/Twitter through SMSLive.



Kasvopus for Symbian

Kasvopus is Facebook client with friendly user interface. Most of your familiar features are supported like status sharing, liking and commenting friends statuses. GPS enabled devices also support checkins with Facebook Places. You can also tag your friends when checking-in to places. You can also browse photo albums and photos.


Different Tack

Different Tack for Symbian

Different Tack is a brain friendly Twitter client! Different Tack creates an infographical presentation of the Twitter timeline. The user can select tweets by direct interaction with the content, making browsing more engaging, effective and fun.