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AP Mobile is an award-winning multimedia news portal developed by The Associated Press that provides anytime access to international, national and local news. In addition to AP’s own worldwide coverage of breaking news, sports, entertainment, politics and business, more than 1,000 AP members and third-party sources provide content for AP Mobile.

Best international & local news coverage:- • Get the most important news stories while you are on-the-go from over 1,200 AP global news contributors. • Enjoy AP's award-winning rich media of the world’s most important events. • Share stories with friends and family. • Search and save news stories.

Customize your news:- Choose the news that’s important to you with AP Mobile’s built-in personalization features—from international events to the local news that shape your world.

Be heard around the world:- • Submit news tips and photos to the AP editorial team, and be heard around the world. • Rate the stories you read, and see what other readers think.

In-depth coverage of worldwide events:- Access featured coverage of the world’s most exciting events through additional "seasonal" categories.

License: Freeware

By: The Associated Press

Email: ApMobile@Ap.org

URLs: www.GetApMobile.com | www.ApNews.com | www.Ap.org

Updated on: 8:41 AM Saturday, May 05, 2012

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